As long as there has been slab-on-grade concrete, there has been undesirably high moisture vapor transmission levels. In our deadline driven construction industry, waiting months for an acceptable level of slab moisture to apply a concrete coating is problematic.

Advancements in our concrete coating technologies have drastically cut wait times. We can install a cementitious urethane floor or wall systems in a little as 72 hours after a pour (epoxies still require longer wait times).

When you are considering a commercial or industrial coatings installer to add waterproofing/ moisture mitigating qualities to your concrete, choose a flooring contractor (us preferably) that will ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of your moisture vapor mitigating options within your allotted timeframe and budget.

Our moisture mitigating floor coating benefits include:
Fast curing - low odor moisture
Decorative Aesthetics

Utilitarian qualities
USDA compliant for food production facilities
Antimicrobial protection – registered with the EPA

Consurco | Waterproofing + Moisture Mitigation
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