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When installing a polish or resinous floor system (epoxy or polyurethane) into a high traffic or pedestrian area, your first concern should always be safety. Aside from liability, it’s good karma dude! Depending on your budget and project completion date, then you can prioritize other important attributes such as aesthetics and ease of maintenance.

In environments like parking garages, bus stations, and train depots, you concrete coating solutions need to account for car traffic, pedestrians, grease, oil, and fuel spills. The chemicals used to clean up after them should be taken into consideration as well. Luckily for you, we are concrete floor coating experts with 20+ years experience specific to the transportation industries.

As your commercial/industrial coatings installer (if we’re not already, we need to be), we help you avoid the “I slipped and fell” lawsuits and most importantly protect your floors and people.

Consurco | Traffic + Pedestrian Coatings
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