09 00 00 Fluid Applied Floor Coatings
09  77 00 Special Wall Coatings
03 00 00 Concrete Rehabilitation and Polish/Grind
07 00 00 Thermal/Moisture Protection and Joints
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Print Production
Raw Material Processing

Concrete floors and walls in paper mills receive an astonishing amount of punishment. Intense temperature fluctuations, impacts, abrasions, stains, dyes, and harsh cleaning chemicals all dish out a tremendous amount of abuse. The life expectancy of concrete under these conditions can be greatly increased with the right surface coating protection.

Floor & Wall Characteristics
Chemical Resistance Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance
Exceptional Durability/Longevity Seemless Flooring
Thermal Shock Resistance Rapid Return to Service
Abrasion/Impact Resistance  Slip Resistance

Your paper mill will benefit greatly from our years of experience installing concrete coatings in these highly specialized facilities. We fully understand the unique set of variables the concrete in your facility has to account for.

As a facility owner or plant manager, we understand you have many considerations when it comes to the upkeep of your facility. Working within your time and budget allotments, we will present you with the best short term and long term concrete protection options. From there, we will make sure that you comprehensively understand all the floor and wall coating systems you are presented. This allows you to make an informed decision on how to best protect the floors and walls in your facility.

Going Green
The U.S. Paper industry is focused on Green initiatives and so are we. CONSURCO specializes in installing ultra-low-VOC concrete coatings and sealers that won’t sacrifice protection, aesthetics, or your budget. Whether it’s new construction or refurbishing an existing floor or wall, we will install the environmentally-friendly concrete coating that is right for your paper mill.

Industrial Concrete Surface Repair and Restoration
Is your concrete telling you it’s time for a facelift? We will restore your concrete floor back to her original self or even give her some enhancements. We are experts at installing cementitious or epoxy overlays. Many of our concrete coatings have fast cure times. We will work around your schedule to achieve a speedy installation. Sparring your paper mill little or no downtime.


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