CONSURCO  [ kon-sir-ko  kän-sər-ko CONcrete SURface COmpany

Definition: A west coast-based specialty contractor focused on installation technologies designed to protect, enhance, restore, and rehabilitate the surface of concrete floors, walls, and structures.
Our approach to client’s infrastructure/facilities can be thought of in the following three ways:

New Construction - provide sustainable solutions that provide clients lasting value

Existing Infrastructure - rehabilitate with resilient, valued solutions

Out of Use Infrastructure - devise solutions for adaptive reuse and achieve new value.

What our clients have come to expect from CONSURCO:

1. We are a national floor and wall coating installers with a local focus.

2. Rather than being an architect/engineer or manufacturer or installer, we are a solution provider.

3. We are seldom the low-cost provider, but we are always the high-quality performance guarantee provider.

4. We respect our client’s time = Rapid response and delivery

5. Quality, certified and trained personnel/expertise.

6. We are continually striving to bring innovative solutions and processes to market.

7. PreQual – We have an excellent safety record. We are fully bonded with comprehensive insurance.

How we deliver on our promises:

- The leadership of our business development and field teams have over 20+ years of experience installing specialty coatings for every application in every industry you could ever imagine.

- location of offices

- We have long track record established best business practices. We are proud of our partnerships with the following trade associations:


- Our STEPS approach (Std Techniques, Execution Procedures, and Sequencing) link to OUR PROCESS Section

Consurco | ABOUT US
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